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And by Strange I mean Adam Strange. We learn a little more about the Earthman determined to be the hero of this story. Plus Black Zero’s leader, Zod family drama, a surprise appearance (or two), and an awkward skimmer ride make this week’s episode of Krypton a “Savage Night.”

Spoilers Ahead!

This week’s episode “Savage Night” starts off back when Adam of House Detroit first appeared on Krypton. We find out that when he vanished in front of Seg’s eyes in the first episode (which was only two weeks ago in the show) he returned to the ship where he acquired the Zeta beam device. The device’s owner, Sardath, wants it back but Adam talks his way into hanging onto the device and returning to Krypton. Adam is still on the outs with Seg but maybe Kem can get him a meeting.


Kem is on his way to the hideout when he runs into one of the acolytes of Rao. The acolyte tells him about seeing the Voice of Rao plugged into the Genesis Chamber. The rebel band realizes that he is sucked energy out of the Chamber which will eventually drain all the energy out of it and the embryos it contains. But the Voice is also vulnerable while he’s plugged in so there’s an opportunity to strike.

To disable the Red Shard the rebels need a connection to the Voice’s neural network so Seg, Lyta, and Nyssa head out to find Dev’s body. Seg sharing a skimmer ride with his lover and his fiance is just as awkward as it sounds since the two women don’t really get along with each other. When they find Dev, he’s not quite dead yet. So either Jayna and Lyta didn’t make sure Dev was dead when they left him or there’s something weird going on with him. The mystery figure watching Dev being carried off suggests the latter option.

Meanwhile Jayna and General Zod meet with Black Zero’s leader. From her appearance and bearing she’s clearly not rankless rabble. My first thought was that she might be Nyssa’s mother (though IMDb has her name as Jax-Ur) or perhaps an aunt. Black Zero will help General Zod with the attack on the Voice in return for Daron-Vex being turned over to them.


After being chewed out by Kem and not getting that meeting with Seg, Adam the hero turns to Daron. Adam tells him all about Brainiac and his plan for Kandor. He’ll help Daron with information on the rebels in exchange for getting Seg so Adam can be sure he’s out of Kandor when Brainiac takes it.

The pieces are in place and the attack on the Voice begins. In the Fortress of Solitude Holo-Val uses Dev to shut down the Voice’s neural network. Jayna, the General, and Seg lead the assault in the Genesis Chamber. The Voice is shot and falls down a long shaft. Daron is captured.


Daron is delivered to Black Zero but the Voice’s body hasn’t been found so General Zod still has the use of Black Zero forces. Daron’s reaction when he sees the Black Zero leader shows they know each other so I am really wondering what their relationship is.

Jayna-Zod is no fool. After a talk with her grandson where he explains surviving Krypton’s destruction because he was in the Phantom Zone after a failed coup attempt, she realizes that he’s planning to take over Krypton himself after Brainiac is dealt with. Things may get a bit awkward for the Zod clan soon.


Surprise, surprise! The Voice of Brainiac isn’t dead. He visits little Ona, his devoted follower. She shows up at Kem’s bar and begins chanting as the markings on her face start to glow. She explodes but Adam shows up just in time to throw up a force field to protect Seg. The blast is contained with no one seriously injured but Adam disappears.

Adam reappears somewhere face-to-face with a mysterious woman. Even IMDb lists her as “Woman” so we’ll just have to wait and see who she is.


 Assorted Thoughts:

  • Adam Strange doesn’t strike as the kind of strategist who thinks about things like who Jor-El’s mother is. He’s trying to get Seg out of Kandor but hasn’t considered who else might need to make it out of Kandor to maintain the timeline he knows.
  • The love triangle is back to being a love rectangle (at least for now) with Dev-Em (or at least a good approximation thereof) back in the picture.
  • I’m not steeped in DC lore so I don’t know anything about Adam Strange, Sardath, Alanna and Jax-Ur beyond what the show presents and I’m avoiding looking them up so I don’t have preconceived ideas about them. The show has plenty of nods to its source material (which is perfectly fine) but it also has to stand on its own and appeal to folks like me who don’t know that material.

All images via screencap or the Syfy site.

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