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Last night's episode of Person of Interest was a follow up to last year's avant garde episode of the same name. While I derided last year's version of "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" as the worst PoI episode ever this year's version was a masterpiece.


Mild spoilers if you haven't seen the current season of PoI or the end of the last one.

As before, the Machine Gang didn't appear at all nor did Greer or Rousseau. There was no apparent number of the week to deal with either. While last year it seemed we were watching events entirely from the Machine's view this year things were not so clear. We now have two AIs in play and without seeing any distinctive graphics we could be observing from the point of view of either the Machine or Samaritan.

And that's the message of the episode. We are all potentially either a Number to the Machine or a Deviant to Samaritan. Or possibly both simultaneously. The truth is we were viewing this episode from both AIs' perspective. Which AI was viewing which scene doesn't matter because both AIs saw everything. The change in setting to London this year underscored the global nature of the war between the Machine and Samaritan. My mind was blown when I realized what the writers had done.

This year's "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" was a truly brilliant hour of television.

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