This week’s The Walking Dead did something shows rarely do…make me feel something. I mentioned it a little bit in a comment on the recap but it’s still on my mind. Obviously spoilers for the latest episode.

If I had been in Tyreese’s place I would have seriously considered leaving the children behind every single day we were together. I don’t have children or any nieces or nephews that I know of. I haven’t had to deal with children for the long periods required for me to have developed the kind of patience needed.

At least right now pre-apocalypse I know I still have enough of my humanity left that I would instead grit my teeth, whack a walker a few extra times to burn off some frustration and get through the day with the kids. Ditching them would be effectively killing them and that’s not something I need to add to my list of personal demons.

But I can’t say what kind of person I would be after everything went to shit. I would like to think I would hold on to my humanity but surviving long in that environment is not for the soft, weak or nice. I can’ t honestly say that what I know I wouldn’t do now is still something I wouldn’t do under different circumstances.

Or would I end up feeling broken and without hope like Beth or just tired of it all like Daryl?


If you read this far you could probably use some kittens right now so here you go.