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This Year's Kaleidoscope finds contain some lost sci-fi and horror gems from the 60's and 70's

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It’s Missing Believed Wiped time again, where Kaleidoscope, the film preservation society devoted to restoring, and most importantly, finding, lost British television classics wiped by the BBC and others, announces their finds for the year and shows off some highlights at their annual Missing Believed Wiped event.


Last year we got a real treat with the discovery of a long lost episode of The Avengers. There’s nothing quite so extraordinary this year, but there are still a handful of significant discoveries that may pique the interest of fans of 60's and 70's sci-fi and horror. Here are some highlights:

DISCOVERY 268: Second City Firsts - Thwum.
BBC2 tx: 22/11/1975

Written by Mike Stott
Joy Rosalind Elliot
Duffy Pete Postlethwaite
Bernard Paul Moriarty
Produced by Tara Prem
Directed by Pedr James
A BBC Birmingham production for BBC 2.
Originally transmitted 22.11.1975


Another great find, this short play featuring Pete Postelthwaite’s earliest TV appearance. Has a UFO fanatic worked out that an alien craft is about to land. Can he convince the skeptical reporter sent to cover the story? An almost complete (2 minutes missing) copy recovered from a domestic video recording kept by director Pedr James who will introduce the piece and reveal the fascinating story behind the production.

Late Night Horror: The Corpse Can’t Play
BBC 1968. Dir Paddy Russell
Only surviving episode from the BBC’s spine-tingling anthology series of atmospheric chillers. A strange little boy who is disliked by all crashes a children’s party and introduces some weird variations to some traditional children’s party games.


DISCOVERY 265: The Canterville Ghost (Audio Only)
BBC tx: 23/12/1962

Ghost of Sir Simon De Canterville Bernard Cribbins
Mrs Umney Fay Compton
Mrs Otis Ruth Dunning
Hiram Otis Derek Francis
Lady Dumbleton Fabia Drake
Virginia Otis Samantha Eggar
Lady Brackendale Patricia Raine
Lord Cheviot Basil Henson
Jackson Otis Peter Taylor
Jefferson Otis Laurie Heath
Washington Otis Iain Gregory
The Duke of Cheshire Oliver Fox
Adapted by Elaine Morgan
Based on a book by Oscar Wilde
Music by Richard Addinsell
Play production by Stuart Burge
A BBC production.
Originally transmitted 23.12.1962


Audio-only recovery that Kaleidoscope hopes in time may become part of the animated range, if there is sufficient interest in people wanting to see it. Our thanks to Keith Wickham for returning it to Kaleidoscope and the BBC.

DISCOVERY 254: Adam Adamant Lives - The Basardi Affair (Audio Only)
tx: 21/1/1967 BBC1
Written by Ian Stuart Black
Adam Adamant Gerald Harper
Georgina Jones Juliet Harmer
William E. Simms Jack May
The Face Peter Ducrow
with Zia Mohyeddin, Kate O’Mara, Suzanne Mockler, William Kendall, Salmann Peer, Joe Cornelius, Roy Stewart, Douglas Kirk, Elroy Josephs, Sumantha and Sumanda
Theme music by Hal Shaper
Theme music by David Lee
Theme music by Kathy Kirby
Produced by Verity Lambert
Script consultant Tony Williamson
Directed by Henri Safran
A BBC production for BBC 1.
Originally transmitted 21.01.1967


For the full insight into its audio-only recovery and plans to create an animated version, listen to Greg Bakun’s latest Podcast.

There’s also two episodes of Moonstrike, an anthology series about resistance fighters in WWII, one of which contains an early performance by Carole Ann Ford, shortly before she landed the role of Susan on Doctor Who.

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