And it's awesome! No spoilers.

Second best Marvel movie ever. Everything we didn't get to see in the first one. And everything we saw and loved. Quips. Fights. Love it.

Full disclaimer: Thor was my favorite single hero Marvel movie so far, so your mileage may vary.

Thor is more awesome. And shirtless at times, if it's that what you want.

Heimdahl gets his shining moment. Only one, but it's much better than casting Idris Elba to just have him stand around.


Odin is great. At least he's awake all the time in this one.

Eccelston is - a bit bland as a villain, but he's OK. So is Portman - they still don't really know what to do with her, and the need to have her is a bit forced.


Loki is. Loki! All over again.


Stan Lee called. He wants his shoe back - but his is not the best cameo!

And - don't be fooled by the mid-credit sequence. That's the inevitable Avengers tie-in. The really good ending is all the way after the credits. So stay and wait!