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Thor 2 Thoughts

So I saw Thor 2 this afternoon.

When I read the review here on io9 and it made big bones about it being "joyful" and funny, I was actually feeling a bit wary. Because while I'm as much a fan of insouciance as the next guy, it's easy to cross into actually being disrespectful and campy. I love me some camp, but I don't really want to see it in these movies.

What I got was not merely a pleasant surprise, but possibly my favorite Marvel movie yet (save only The Avengers because the only thing better than one superhero is lots of superheroes). The humor was perfectly in-character, apropos to the plot, and in no way detracted to the balls-out awesome action.


Really my sole complaint is that I wished that Sif and the Warriors Three could've had more screen time. I know the movie is Thor, not Thor and the Warriors Three, but at the same time, those guys were touted as Thor's boon companions in the first movie, and it just didn't feel like they got enough play in this one. I can understand why that decision was made, but I hope they get a more active role in any future Thor films.

Similarly, I'd have liked to see more of the villain, but even so, there was never any doubt of his credibility as a threat.

Anyway, I'll definitely buy this when it comes out on DVD and wear it out with the re-watching. How about you guys?

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