Learning Irathient? A 5am casting call, a wet snow storm, running from the crazy alien timber wolves? All in a day's work playing Nolan and Irisa, as told to Ian Cullen.

"We had to bloody sing on camera together which was terrifying," says Grant, also terrified of wearing "the funny scuba suit with glowy balls all over it which is the world’s most unattractive wardrobe you could ever put on" needed to capture motion for the Defiance game.


"There’s this kind of Irathient beast under there, this feral creature so that was kind of interesting discovering those parts of Irisa through the series," says Stephanie, "yes learning the language is incredible and I feel like it’s become my second world. It will become my second language."

Do you feel the urge to learn Irathient? Or Votan? Or Volge? There's a wiki for all that! The seven languages in Defiance are being created by David J. Peterson, who also created Dothraki and has the coolest job title around, alien language and culture consultant.