Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Those moments in life you don't/can't plan for...

...yet happen and make you look like a badass.

One of my fondest moments was when I started a year-long placement with the RAF. As part of the intro, they wanted you to read (and sign that you had) this monster ring-binder 'manual'...


No-one even tried to pretend to read it and just signed the form after a couple of days.

Being the conscientious, law-abiding person i am, I did actually try to read it but frankly, I got barely 50 pages in before I started just flicking through it, reading the odd chapter that was vaguely interesting...

...anyway, at the end of the intro week, there was a briefing and the security guy started a ruddy pop-quiz just to see if anyone had actually read the damned manual. He clearly hadn't expected anyone to have done so either but by some bizarre chance, the three questions he popped were from the few sections I actually had read.

I answered those questions with all the glibness I could muster and I swear to god, being on the end of so many looks of awe and disbelief as they all thought I had actually read the thing from cover to cover.... yeah...i felt like goddamn Spock.

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