Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I am liking Almost Human. Much more than Rob Bricken is, it seems... Who else is watching?

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Spoilery comments below...by which I mean, me just listing things I like about this show.


I like how they turned the sex bot plot into a creepy kidnapping story, and used the sex bot concept mostly as an impetus for seedy criminal activity (and also to set up some great humor and TMI insights into Kennex's sex life). Plus, they brought it back around to Dorian and his attempt to understand where comfort can be found in times of grief.

Although, I thought it was interesting that he wanted to be there when the (Lorraine?) sex bot was decommissioned. He treated it as death, but didn't the same thing happen to him, yet he was "reborn" afterwards (in the pilot)? Or did I miss something about his backstory?

I just generally need more of Tactical John, wearing his black gear, walking around with his gun as glass and explosions and gunfire erupt around him. Plus Badass Dorian being smooth under pressure.

I also love how Dorian teases John. I laughed out loud a few times in this episode, thanks to the chemistry between Michael Ealy and Karl Urban.


The tech guy, Rudy, is another standout character to me. He genuinely seems sensitive to Dorian and to other synthetics; he uses the term "born," for example. But he's also not out-of-touch nerdy.

As I type this, I realize I've only praised the male characters so far...the Captain, Maldonado, and John's potential love interest, Stahl, haven't really had a chance to shine yet. I like Maldonado in that I don't really love or hate her...which I kind of like in my female characters - nothing particularly overt about her, just doing her job being a police captain. Stahl is clearly the love interest for Kennex, in case you couldn't tell from the moon eyes, pointed stares, etc. Here's hoping she maintains her agency as an intel analyst (?) and doesn't become the Jane Foster of the piece (i.e., romantic foil for the male lead's character development).


The effects and aesthetic are still working for me. I need one of those tiny giraffes! (Or at least a gif of one...Internet?)

Any other thoughts?

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