Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Since there wasn't a recap, I was curious what other fans (or people who aren't fans but watch anyway) thought of this past Sunday's episode.

Overall, I'm glad they finally wrapped up the "we're stuck in Neverland" part of the story, even if the Peter Pan part isn't over just yet.

I'll start off by saying I'm a fan of this show, it's by no means perfect but it's fun to watch every Sunday, particularly Gold/Rumplestiltskin and Regina.


The flashback didn't add too much, except that now we know John and Michael were going to try and adopt Henry after Regina decided it wasn't working out, but then she changed her mind again and kept him. I don't know much about adoption but it seems like you shouldn't be able to make spur of the moment decisions like that.

And isn't having grown up in Storybrooke what gave Henry the heart of the truest believer? Wouldn't he not have that quality if he had been taken by the Darling brothers and handed off to Pan right away?

At least they revealed to everyone else on the island that Peter Pan was Rumple's dad, so now everyone knows, and Regina gets Henry his heart back, and is even smart enough to put a protection spell on it. But then Pan shows up and tries to steal Henry's shadow, and somehow that allows him to switch minds with him. Since it's been established that the Shadow we'd been seeing wasn't Pan's and was always on the island, maybe Pan still had his shadow and he switched it out with Henry's?

So now Once will be doing the classic "I've switched bodies with the bad guy, you have to believe it's really me" storyline. But can the Henry actor really play Pan pretending to be Henry? He hasn't exactly been great at just playing Henry, just decent enough.


I'll leave you with a very loosely related tie-in, a different take on Cinderella, and an ironic song, since everyone on this show seems to get fooled over and over again. And because it came up on my shuffle the other day and was stuck in my head.

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