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Thoughts while driving cross-country...

So I had to go home to South Carolina the week before last to help my Mom start getting the house in order to sell after her husband passed away, and after scouring the barn, I stumbled across enough of my old books that I decided to drive back with it in the trunk instead of flying or having it shipped to me.

It took me two and a half days to make it back to San Diego, (exactly the length of A Game of Thrones... seriously, I hit 'play' as I pulled out of the driveway and it ended as I was pulling onto my own street,) and along the way I got a few ideas for comics.

Now, if you've even only slightly been following me over the years, you'll know that I get a lot of ideas for comics and rarely am able to follow through on them, thanks to some weird artistic form of ADD that jumps me from one idea to the next as soon as I've drawn a few pages of anything. Occasionally, I do get something done, like the time I drew three whole issues of The White Skull: Agent of ROACH a couple of years ago (and no, you can't see them, because my hard drive crashed and I hadn't thought to back them up in the cloud yet).


Anyway, on to this idea: Again, if you even slightly know me, you'll know that I'm obsessed with Twin Peaks, probably to a degree that is beyond healthy. Twin Peaks, The X-Files, The Prisoner, Millenium, The Lone Gunman, Fringe... I love me some weird, surrealist, conspiracy-driven TV. So as I was driving, the idea hit me: why not make an homage to the conspiracy/mystery-in-a-small-rural-town-full-of-eccentrics that I love so very much? And with that, the idea for Cougar Pass was born.

I'm only just starting to write up preliminary notes on it now, but there will be a few defining things to it: it will take place in the fictitious South Carolina town of Cougar Pass, which is overshadowed by said pass, and will center around the exploits of the sheriff (who I have not named as of yet) who must keep certain strange goings-on in his town under wraps from the booming tourism industry. Of course, this job isn't made any easier by the constant UFO sightings, cow mutilations, and bigfoot sightings constantly popping up in the nearby woods...

Thoughts? Am I wasting my time over too well-trod of a path? Is there a chance that my idea could stand out without seeming derivative? I've been here since 2009 and most of you have seen my writing style by now, so those of you who have, give me some feedback. This, for me, is a labor of love, an homage to all of those great otherworldly supernatural primetime soap operas I grew up loving. I'm excited to make ungodly piles of character and story notes, sketches, and story bibles, but I want to know: am I chasing the dragon up my own ass here? Or would you read it?

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