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Thoughts whilst waiting for "The Winds of Winter"

So over the last couple of weeks, I powered my way through the last three Song of Fire and Ice books, and want to speculate on what might happen next. I can't say anything to Mr Ivriniel, since he's still back in A Game of Thrones, so I am coming here.

Incidentally, I may amuse people who have read A Dance with Dragons, that I just fed Mr. I's family a meat pie for Christmas. Only it was beef and not pork... Or "pork" as the case may be.

So now that I think I have put enough paragraphs in here to make sure spoilers won't appear on the Odeck page, let the speculations begin!


1) Ramsey Bolton is lying about having caught Stannis. In his letter he demands his wife and Reek back. We know that they got to Stannis' camp not too long before Bolton's men were due. If Bolton had defeated Stannis he should have them. Makes me wonder why he wrote to Jon demanding them back at all? Unless the letter was written days after the escape, there is no way Jeyne and Theon could be with the Night's Watch.

2) Melisandre will use her magic to either heal Jon Snow, or bring him back from the dead. He's not going to die. I think it is entirely likely that Jon is Lyanna and Rhaegar's son, not Ned's bastard, and will be one of the heads of the dragon.

3) The new High Septon, could he be Septon Meribald?


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