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Three Possible New Shows for the Arrowverse

The Arrowverse (or the DC/CW-verse) is one of the few interconnected superhero universes on television. With Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and retroactively Costantine, as well as web series like Vixen and the upcoming ones The Ray and more Constantine, the universe is already pretty packed. But hey, making up new shows is fun and these are some I would love to see.


DC’s House of Mystery

When John Constantine finds a house following him around the country, he realizes that he is being called to the House of Mystery to form a team of magic users. “In the ‘30s, they were called the Mystery Men and they fought the Thule Society. In the ‘60s, they were called the Sentinels of Magic and they investigated the second JFK assassination. Here and now, I guess we can call ourselves what we like, but evil is alive and magic is afoot. Let’s get to work, shall we?”

Think of it like a cross between Justice League Dark, The Shadowpact, and, uh, Supernatural.


  • John Constantine (“Here I am: haunted by a house instead of the other way around. Of course.”)
  • Rory Regan / “Ragman” (“I wear a costume made from the souls of the dead. Kinda hard to disbelieve anything after that.”)
  • Boston Brand / “Deadman” (“Me? I’m just an acrobat who got a severe case of lead poisoning.”)
  • Zatanna Zatara (“Magic requires knowledge, willpower, and a reckless disregard for your own life. Also, if you can, good showmanship always helps.”)
  • Madame Xanadu (“I’m a blind seer, don’t make me more of a cliche.”)
  • Traci Thirteen (“My father makes a living not believing in magic. He also believes I’m currently in college right now. Let’s not disabuse him of either notion.”)

DC’s Justice Society

Now in his 80s, Todd James Rice looked at the current climate of the country and decided that now would probably be a good time to try and restart the Justice Society of America. His first recruits: Curtis “Mr. Terrific” Holt and Mari “Vixen” McCabe. But it’s not all heroes he wants to recruit: he wants to redeem those who lost their way, too, and find those who bear a legacy even they may not know about. Together, they will try to form a team that will fight the battles no single superhero could face and strive for justice.



  • Todd James Rice / “Obsidian” (“I’ve lived a long time, seen a lot of weird stuff. This doesn’t even ping my radar.”)
  • Curtis Holt / “Mr. Terrific” (“I’ve got one superpower and that’s my mind. So let’s see my mind kick your ass.”)
  • Mari McCabe / “Vixen” (“The more I wear this amulet, the more I know there’s more good I can do in this world.”)
  • Helena Bertinelli / “Huntress” (“Before now, I was a bad guy. But now...now I have a second chance. Perhaps I can become something more.”)
  • Jack Knight / “Starman” (“My great-grandfather built this staff a hundred years ago and here I am, still holding onto it. What can I say, I love antiques.”)
  • Khalid Nassour / “Doctor Fate” (“I’m a medical student with a magical helmet. So, yeah, I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.”)
  • Maxine Hunkel / “Cyclone” (“Have you ever seen Wicked? I love Wicked. Sometimes when I’m flying, I’m just singing ‘Defying Gravity’ except nobody can hear me because wind is, like, super loud. Seriously, you have to see Wicked.”)

DC’s Multiversity

It’s all been leading to this. Think of it like Legends of Tomorrow, but instead of time, it’s the entire multiverse.


“There is a Crisis,” the Monitor said when he pulled the heroes from each world. “There is a Crisis that spans all time and space. It happened a billion years ago and is still happening now. It’s a war between the forces of light and dark, of good and evil. And good is losing. We — I need your help. The multiverse of worlds needs your help. We are on the precipice and you are here to make sure we do not go over. Worlds will live and worlds will die. Help me save everything.”


  • The Monitor (“There are dark places across the multiverse where even I cannot see. This is why you are needed.”)
  • Harbinger A.I. (“Welcome to Ultima Thule. Welcome to the House of Heroes. Welcome to the end of all things.”)
  • Harley Rathaway from Earth-1 / “Pied Piper” (“I could take apart this place for the next ten years and still not figure out how it works.”)
  • Jesse Wells from Earth-2 / “Jesse Quick” (“We’re at the center of the multiverse. This is freakin’ awesome!”)
  • Ray Terrill from Earth-10 / “The Ray” (“I lived in the dark most of my life. Time to turn on the lights.”)
  • Greg Sanders from Earth-18 / “Vigilante” (“Look, I can shoot from here to kingdom come if that’ll help, but I don’t think it will.”)
  • Zinda Blake from Earth-20 / “Lady Blackhawk” (“I know a dozen ways to hurt you, but nothing beats a good old fashioned punch in the face.”)
  • Mon-El from Earth-38 / “Valor” (“You know how I said I wanted to be a hero? Yeah, kinda regretting that decision now.”)
  • Marella from Earth-52 / “Aquawoman” (“The world I come from was devastated by dark things. It’s my goal to stop that from happening to another world...by any means.”)

Imaginary bonus points if you can tell me why I chose all those characters for Multiversity.

Yes, I did put quite a lot of thought into this. I mean, that’s normal, right? Tell me I’m okay.

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