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Thunderbirds fly again

Thunderbirds Are Go once more. The CGI reboot of Gerry Anderson’s classic supermarionation show returns to UK screens for a second batch of adventures next Saturday. The first season recently became available on Amazon Prime in the US and the show is making good headway in Europe. ITV have also ordered a third season of the neuveau International Rescue.

At the end of season one, The Hood promised that something nasty was on the way. This seems to be a strangely familiar semi-cyborg figure called The Mechanic. There are also some shout-outs to the original show.


One of the Tracy Brothers seems to have dug out an old style IR cap to ensure he’s suitably dressed for the occasion. (Coincidentally, a cardboard version of the hat given away with an issue of City Magazine’s TV Century 21 comic went for a couple of hundred quid on eBay last year).

There seems to be an attempt to revisit Thunderbird 2's iconic crash landing. (In the original show it was shot from the sky by a US Navy vessel shortly before an attempt to move the Empire State Building went askew).

Also the trailer teases a sunken space capsule, reminiscent of the original SunProbe ship. It is shown with the serial number TV-21 and the monogram Col. Jeff Tracy. Will we discover what happened to the Tracy patriarch and Tintin Kayo’s father Kyrano?


Thunderbirds Are Go season two kicks off with a double-episode selection, Earthbreaker and Ghost Ship next Saturday afternoon.

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