Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

This image was posted on the main site yesterday:

Illustration for article titled THUNDERCLAP!

A Photoshopped movie poster that got me thinking...

I wrote a caption that I thought would be kind of silly, but apparently, some people (either joking or not) needed me to follow though with it:

"Theirs was a Nordic love that was forbidden. One drawn to the light, one forever in the dark. Can the love of a hammer keep these two together or would the trials set forth by a demanding father tear them asunder?"

Hell, I was even nominated for one of LizTaylor'sEarrings gold stars for it. Go me!

So, without further ado and because I have no life, here is an excerpt from the ain’t-gonna-happen, not very Harlequin Romance novel, Thor and Loki fanfic I will NEVER write.


Ignore all typos and usage errors. Seriously, I wrote this in like 5 minutes.

Please feel free to carry the torch further in the comments section…


Chapter 4: It’s Raining Men

…With all the gentleness his work-hard, rugged hands could muster, Thor brushed away the errant locks of hair that dared to cover Loki’s enchanting right eye. “I’ve never seen you this close brother,” Thor said in a whispered breath that suggested a baited passion. A wickedly seductive smile crept across Loki’s lips, “Nor I you, Thunder God.”


Loki stepped in closer to the blonde Norseman’s body. He was shorter than Thor and the height difference gave Loki an excited rush knowing that towering over him was the son of Odin and the power he commanded was immeasurable. As he got even closer, Loki could feel the heat radiating from Thor’s chest. The warmth could steal the chill from a frost giant on a long winter’s night, and this made Loki’s knees quiver in a comfortable rhythm.

Thor looked down at the trickster, his hand now resting gently on the raven black hair that ran like silk through his bulky fingers. How he longed for this moment, to touch him, to hold him, to love him like no one before. He knew of the deception Loki was capable of and hoped that for this one moment in time, Loki would be an honest lover and give Thor the night he had waited for since they first met.


The anticipation was too much for both of them as they looked each other in the face, embraced and gave into the tension. Their lips locked and the heavens roared with thunder and the brilliance of a thousand strikes of lightning. Loki was helpless in Thor’s arms and this pleased him. He would let the blonde master take command of his body this night and his body was ready.

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