Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I love open threads. And I love you guys. And I *especially* love open threads where ya’ll get a chance to share the one thing that divides us from the wanton wasteland of the larger internet . . . our encyclopedic knowledge of cartoon trivia.

Feel free to talk about anything that you just can’t quite recall, or whatever—it’s an open thread!—but if any of you happen to remember a scene in which the below happens, you will be my heroes forever:

1. The bad guys are weasels, or weasel-like. (I’m thinking Wind in the Willows or Roger Rabbit, maybe?)


2. A scrum begins.

3. A protagonist (maybe not the hero?) wades in. (Possibly Toad or Mole)

4. The scrum clears, revealing our good guy now ferociously fighting himself, while the miscreants repent of their poor life choices.

I went looking for the gif earlier, only to realize that I couldn’t remember where it was from!

In other news, I managed to misspell my own name today. For real.

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