Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Thursday Cryptid Open Thread- The Lake Worth Monster

Good afternoon and welcome to the latest in my series highlighting North America’s many cryptozoologcial wonders. Today’s cryptid is a favorite just for the above picture. Say hello to the Lake Worth monster of Lake Worth, Texas.

Reportedly a bear/gorilla/goat hybrid, the Lake Worth Monster was first spotted in Just 1969. The creature also supposedly had scales, which makes it a hybrid from hell. The creature scared multiple young people parked on the shore of Lake Worth, earning him the distinction of being our first cryptid peeping tom (whom I’ve highlighted at least).


One Tommy Burson reported the Monster damaged his car after leaping from a tree. He had an 18 inch scar on the car’s body as proof. This was the event that finally spurred a serious investigation. The following night, the creature appeared on a bluff near the lake and threw tires at stunned onlookers. The event was witnessed by at least 10 people, and the above picture was taken during the attack.

Some local teens reportedly claimed responsibility for the creature, but witnesses to the attacks are unconvinced and insist that it was a legitimate monster attack.

So what do you think of this foul-tempered cryptid? And let’s make this an open thread. What’s up with you today?

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