Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Captain Merry and Jingle's report on the ISON Conspiracy inspired me to write a Mad Libs game for conspiracy theorists. Let's see how well all us ODeckers do at connecting the dots!

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1. Government Agency

2. Recently Dead Celebrity

3. Shadowy Non-government Organization/Religion

4. Natural Phenomenon

5. Terrifying New Weapon of the Future

6. Well-Publicized Tragic Accident

7. Unpopular but Well-Known Politician

8. Zodiac Sign

9. Terrible Global Domination/Terrorism Goal

10. Date Pulled Out of Your Ass


The (1.)______ were responsible for the recent death of (2.)______, who was part of the well-known (3.)_______. We can see by the way (4.)______ happened that it's clear that (1.)_______ has been secretly working on (5.)______. They have been testing this (5.)______ by using it in (6.)______. It turns out that (2.)________ was close friends with (7.)_______, through their mutual involvement in (3.)_______. (7.)_______, being a (8.)_______, is obviously the kind of person who would use (5.)______ to (9.)_______. I think we all know that we can expect to see (7.)________ perform another test of (5.)________ on (10.)_________. Prove me wrong!


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