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Thursidae - Special Ursus Winnipegensis Edition

I think mythbri missed one.

The Pooh Bear (ursus winnipegensis) has the smallest brain of all extant bear species and can be found in only a very limited range, believed to only live in a single forest covering approximately 100 acres. The Pooh Bear population is classified as extremely endangered by the ISBN as only one member of the species, of indeterminate gender, is known to exist.


Though the Pooh Bear has a very little brain it is renowned for its friendly nature, going so far as to share its lodgings with other animals, even those of different species. It is also known for its tubby physique owing to being completely stuffed with fluff.


While the Pooh Bear is capable of gathering its own meals, mainly through the use of clever subterfuge, it does not hesitate to eat food gathered by other animals in its range. Rabbits tend to be an especially favorite target for this strategy. Its diet consists mainly of honey but it is not averse to consuming condensed milk with bread as well if it is on offer.

Unlike most bears that face extinction at the hands of human hunters, the Pooh Bear’s only predators are close relatives of elephants and weasels. Numerous films and a television series have been made which have greatly increased awareness of this bear and for that reason it is probably the best known bear species in the world, especially in proportion to its numbers in the wild.

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