Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Just want to see if this is a mxyzptlk issue or if others are having it, and if others are, if it's a bad omen.


In the last two days, whenever I've had my Kinja Wayback Machine Chrome extension on, I've not been able to log in. I go to the log-in screen, do the deed, and get kicked out to io9.com/tag/undefined without actually being logged in. If I go to a page that isn't tigered in the extension's script, like animals.io9.com, then I can log in and continue to use the Kinja Wayback Machine — the pages that are on the script will then load as they were before NuKinja and I'm logged in. If that's not just a mxyzptlk thing, then I wonder if that's a step toward forcing people to use NuKinja.

Also, just curious what people's experience is with the new layout, not the commenting system. I'm not a fan of the commenting system (otherwise I wouldn't be Waybacking), but the new pages seem to load a lot faster and are less likely to hang. Again, is that just a mxyzptlk thing, or have others noticed that as well?

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