Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Tim Omundson, one of my favourite character actors from such shows as Psych, Galavant, Supernatural, and an upcoming stint on Lucifer, amongst many others, suddenly went quiet on Twitter recently, and it seems it was due to a serious illness.

While in Tampa Airport he suffered a mild stroke, and was rushed to surgery. According to numerous (fan) reports, but kept on the down-low so details are scarce and unreliable, he’s in recovery now, and will still be involved in the upcoming Psych reunion TV movie, shooting in the next few weeks, with adjustments being made to accommodate his condition.


He’s one of my favourite Twitter celebrities, very responsive, funny, and active, so I am a little more worried than I would normally be for a celebrity illness.

I had a friend who had a stroke once, and, though it was an unusual case, he recovered fully within weeks. Here’s hoping Tim will be similar. Here’s to a fast and complete recovery.

Update May 19th:

He has tweeted again, this time seemingly in a much healthier state.

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