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Ok, I want to complain a bit and maybe get some suggestions. I've never been much of a video game player other than spurts of severe addiction to Tetris and Bust-A-Move. I played a couple RPGs before but not consistently. I just didn't have any video game systems growing up. I don't have much in the way of hand-eye coordination or reaction time (got really sick of getting destroyed at Goldeneye in college!) and much prefer turn-based combat or puzzles. So Final Fantasy is pretty much perfect for me but...

I just cannot find the time. There's too much other crap going on that I need to do. I'm partially hampered by the fact that the way my living room is, I cannot use the tv unless it's dark outside or there's too much glare. As soon as I start, my husband gets home and wants to talk, make dinner, all that couple crap :) Which brings me to the next thing - I hate save points. I'm actually more likely to spend more time on a game if I know I can put it down any time than if I'm wondering when I can save it next and then have to debate whether I want to start the next leg of the journey. I've gotten to prefer the phone/tablet games for this reason, but then want something more complicated.


I thought about getting a DS to get around the daylight issue, but then I was reading one of the Kotaku authors talking about spending 60 hours so far on Bravely Default... wut. I don't even want to think about how much time I'd need to get through that much gameplay, and I don't want to spend $200+ to play just one game for months. Certainly can't justify one of the new consoles or a computer upgrade despite my love for fancy graphics. Bah.

Adult gamers with jobs, how do you make the time?

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