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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Time Lapse - Temporal Shenanigans For Dummies

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The movie Time Lapse doesn’t involve anyone traveling in time* but does center around a temporal paradox that the characters have to navigate through. This premise keeps the movie from getting into Primer levels of complexity. Minor spoilers (nothing not in the trailer) ahead.


(So it’s clear, I’m not saying the movie is dumb, just that it’s a lot easier to follow what’s happening than in other movies of the genre like Primer.)

The basic premise is simple - three friends (including one played by Danielle Panabaker from The Flash) discover a camera that takes pictures showing 24 hours in the future. The three use the camera for personal gain but of course things go pear-shaped after a while.


There is a fair bit of plot hammering used to set up the situation but within the limited (and contrived) scope of things the movie does manage to touch upon how little a snapshot from the future really says without knowing the full context. That alone makes it worth watching and paying attention to what’s happening.

Time Lapse is currently streaming on Netflix and also available at the other usual suspects.

*other than the way we’re all moving forward in time.

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