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Time Travel Really Does Get Messy On 12 Monkeys

Nothing says “mad scientist” like some funky eyewear

Charlie Jane wrote earlier that things would get messy on 12 Monkeys and boy was she right. Things have been seriously shaken up from the first season. This week we see the importance of research before going back in time and Ramse is having his worst day ever. Spoilers ahead.

This week’s episode “One Hundred Years” starts with an apparent Terminator-style time caper - stop the Messengers from doing killing someone in the past - but switches up into something with much bigger consequences and implications.


But first let’s get caught up from the season premiere.

The leader of the Army of the 12 Monkeys looking extra fanatical.

In 2043 a group called the Messengers are sending people back in time using Dr. Jones’ time machine. Deacon, Cassandra and Jones stop them but the machine is damaged. Cassie is stuck in the future for several months before the time machine is fixed.

Meanwhile in 2016 Cole and Ramse are running from the Army of the 12 Monkeys since they’re screwing up the prophecy of the Witness. They get a lead on Jennifer Goines’ location and Cole confronts her on a rooftop in New York Cassie also splinters in from the future to stop Jennifer from releasing the virus. Cole persuades Jennifer to surrender the virus-filled vial and prevents Cassie from killing her.


With the virus destroyed the timeline changes but not enough. The pandemic happens later and isn’t quite as severe but things are still bad in 2044. Cassie sends Ramse back to the future with her so he can be interrogated and Cole is stuck in 2016.


In the future Deacon tortures Ramse since he, Jones and Cassie think Ramse has information from his time with the Army of the 12 Monkeys. While some things changed (Jones finds that Saul Tigh thinks he is her boyfriend in the new timeline) Ramse’s son was still born and he gets to see him. Jones is grabbed by the Daughters (have you been taking notes to keep track of everyone? ) who tell her to retrieve Cole.

Back in 2016 Cole and Jennifer end up in a hotel room that Cole apparently rented in 1944. There he finds a photo of him and Cassie from that year (you know that means). Cassie appears and takes Cole to 2044.


Cole is not pleased about what the Deacon-Jones group is doing to Ramse or the changes in Cassie. But first Cole and Cassie are going to follow up on their one clue and travel back to 1944.

Now that we’re caught up things are about to get messy.


Remember those Messengers I mentioned a few paragraphs ago? Two of them have traveled to 1944, killed a soldier and his wife, and taken their places. Whatever they’re up to can’t be good.

In 2044 things are tense with the Deacon-Jones group.

There are numerous anomalies in space time since the Messengers used the time machine. That can’t be good. Jones also has to deal with Saul Tigh trying to gain her affection.


Cole has mellowed a little. He has pointed out that he changed the timeline without killing Jennifer and isn’t so set on the idea of solving every problem with a bullet. He’s also still tight with Ramse despite everything and doesn’t want him hurt.

However, Cassie’s time in the future has made her more like Cole was in the first season. She’s no longer the gentle doctor and is willing to kill whoever it takes to stop the pandemic. She shot Ramse once before so she won’t shed any tears if he dies now. And it’s at least implied she has a thing going with Deacon. There’s no PDA but they’re obviously at least very friendly.


Ramse clues the group into the probable target in 1944 - a scientist named Thomas Crawford who died on the date written on the back the photo of Cole and Cassie. Ramse mentions that the Army of the 12 Monkeys dug up his grave for some unknown reason.


The next step is clear - Cole and Cassie will travel back to 1944 to stop the Messengers. Cassie has seen them so she is essential to the mission.

Sending two people back that far is tricky so while Cassie arrives on the target date, Cole arrives two months early and does the legwork to get them into the party where Crawford will be murdered. Cole has also had time develop a taste for whiskey sours.

Cole gets a mysterious call when he meets Cassie in 1944. Who called him?

After Cole and Cassie get their picture taken so it it can be found later, Cole runs into an FBI agent at the party. Cole is terrible at bullshitting a story but fortunately for him Cassie spins a Bataan Death March story (this is why you should pay attention in history class!).


They don’t stop the murder of Crawford but from the Messengers’ reaction this was the wrong Thomas Crawford (research fail!). Cole and Cassie find a drawing of the 12 Monkey symbol though.

In 2044 Ramse gets a little quality time with his son before Jones visits him and shows her dark side. Ramse points out that being the driving force behind a project to send people back in time to change the past and prevent the death of her daughter should make her understand why he did he did to save his son. But Jones is having none of the moral equivalence argument. But she is doing her own tap dance by saying she’s unable to prevent Deacon from killing Ramse as opposed to letting Deacon do it.


Back in 1944 Cole and Cassie find out the drawing was done by Crawford’s son Thomas Crawford Junior who has the same delusional issues as Jennifer Goines. There now seems to be some method to Jennifer’s madness and the voices she hears may be real. Crawford Junior, like Jennifer Goines, is a Primary, someone with a special connection to the flow of time..

Crawford Junior ends up surrendering to the remaining Messenger (Cassie kills one with a head shot) because he says his death has to happen today. It turns out that it was his grave the Army of the 12 Monkeys dug up and the Messenger has a knife made from his bone. When the Messenger stabs him it creates a paradox (remember the watches from the first season?).


In 2044 Jones loses the tethers to Cole and Cassie, stranding them in 1944. As Deacon is taking Ramse out to kill him we see the vegetation turning red (never a good sign). Red clouds start popping all around and eat a guy’s face. Ramse and Deacon run for their lives.


Back in 1944 Cole and Cassie are found by the FBI next to Crawford Junior’s body (along with the unconscious Messenger).

I would say things are messy.

All images via screencap.

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