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Time Travelers hide during Droxidian invasion of Kembleford

While his son and daughter-in-law might have fallen foul of their encounter with Weeping Angels, Rory’s Dad isn’t adverse to dealing with heavenly affairs. In a parallel universe, Doctor Who and Fast Show alumni Mark Williams has starred in five series of adventures based on GK Chesterton’s inscrutable clerical detective, Father Brown.


A recent episode, The Fire in The Sky, had the residents of Kembleford fearing invasion from the Droxidians who are destroying all in their path as they cross the galaxy. It says so in the comics. This is against a backdrop of murder and tortured love.

Hopefully it is not a spoiler if I reveal the alien invasion is a hoax. But are post-War English villagers ready for Time Travelers? They catch the murderer but who put that Monsters from Mars poster on the wall?


Divine intervention notwithstanding, who in Kembleford has the technology to pick up a Seventies Marvel comic to pin up on the wall? That Romita- Freas painting is twenty years out of place. A close encounter between residents of Baker Street and a certain Gallifreyan might be out of bounds, but could we expect a visitation of a Time Lord in the world of this troublesome priest? Will we see Father Brown take custody of The Doctor’s Confession Dial? Or maybe that long-lost crossover with Z-Cars will finally be realised with jaunts into Luther, Holby City and Silent Witness? Only time will tell?

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