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The first season of Timeless ended this week. The finale crammed at least an hour and a half of stuff into an hour-long episode and some things felt rushed. It did the things a season finale usually does but it sucks if that’s the series finale (ratings have been falling off for later episodes).

Timeless is the type of time travel show where things get messy right from the first episode. If things had been reset to the original timeline each week I probably would have quit the show early on. But the uncertainty about what would happen kept me watching.


First let’s recap the finale.

A wounded Rufus pilots the Lifeboat with Lucy and Wyatt on board back to the hideout in the present. Agent Christopher arrives with Jiya (who presumably finally got that pee break she was denied last episode). Lucy enlists her fiance from the current timeline (do you even care what his name is?) to to a quick fix on Rufus. She gives the guy an “it’s not you, it’s me” breakup speech and he’s gone. Rittenhouse agents storm the hideout and capture Agent Christopher as the Lifeboat leaves for 1954 Washington D.C. with Jiya on board as copilot for the still wounded Rufus.

Flynn has reached “Tail-Gunner Joe” McCarthy first and not only finds out where the secret Rittenhouse gathering is but sets up Lucy and Wyatt to be captured as Communist spies. Flynn speaks to Lucy in private. Their main disagreement is how to stop Rittenhouse. She can’t offer a better alternative though so Flynn is off to kill Lucy’s grandfather and the others at the gathering. Wyatt does his thing and he escapes McCarthy with Lucy.


In the present Mason springs Agent Christopher (it doesn’t feel right to just call her Christopher) from lock-up and gives her information on Rittenhouse. The reason for Mason’s actions is that he doesn’t want Rufus killed by Rittenhouse. I’ll go with it since it fits what we’ve seen of him and his mentor relationship with Rufus.

Lucy and Wyatt don’t know the location of the meeting but they know someone who will be there - Lucy’s grandfather Ethan Cahill. They follow him and find out he is a closeted gay (or at least bisexual) man. He leads them to the Rittenhouse meeting location where they find Flynn planting explosives in the basement (Flynn has been having a henchman problem so he’s doing the work by himself). Lucy has come up with a plan to stop Rittenhouse without a lot of killing and convinces Flynn to stand down.


Back at the Lifeboat, Jiya is having side effects from the trip through time. The Lifeboat is only meant to carry three people and adding an extra person is a “crossing the streams” level no-no. (Flynn travelled with a pilot and multiple henchmen so that must have been fixed for the Mothership.)

Lucy takes Ethan to the Lifeboat so he can watch the craft go back to the future with Wyatt, Rufus and Jiya inside (no breaking of the trio rule this time). This convinces him that her story is true and agrees to help. Lucy returns to the future with Flynn in the Mothership. (This is one of the parts that seemed especially rushed. Given more time there could have been some interesting conversations between Lucy, Flynn and Emma (the timeship pilot who was hiding in the past). Especially given what’s revealed about Emma later.)

Lucy’s fashion choices in the present makes me wonder about this particular timeline.

Lucy and Wyatt visit an elderly Ethan who gives them the location of the Rittenhouse evidence stash he’s compiled over the last 60+ years. Rittenhouse members are arrested. Lucy keeps a promise to Flynn and gives him info on the assassins who killed his family so he can go back in time and stop their deaths. Flynn gives Lucy the book that future Lucy gave him.


So happy ending time, right? Of course not.

Agent Christopher and a swarm of agents show up at the meeting between Lucy and Flynn to arrest him. Flynn thinks Lucy set him up though Lucy claims innocence.


Jiya has a seizure where she sees the Golden Gate Bridge destroyed which suggests she is able to briefly see or visit other timelines.

Agent Christopher will keep her end of the deal with Lucy and allow one last trip in the Lifeboat to get her mother to meet her sister’s father to restore the sister to the timeline. Lucy goes home and spills the beans to her mother about time travel because in the original timeline her mother was seriously ill. Her mother reveals that she is part of Rittenhouse and will stop the trip so she won’t become ill. She also reveals that Emma is a Rittenhouse mole and now has the Mothership.


So there are plenty of loose threads dangling that won’t get resolved if the show isn’t renewed.

Assorted thoughts:

  • I’ve been waiting all season for this trip to the Pacific Theater in World War 2 but I guess this was only filmed for the promo.
  • So Jiya is the Woman in the High Castle now?
  • Does the death of Wyatt’s wife have more significance than providing a reason for him to steal the Lifeboat and screw up the timeline more?
  • While it makes sense that Lucy’s mother is Rittenhouse (even in the original timeline) how is that she isn’t in Ethan’s Rittenhouse evidence stash? If she’s also from a prominent Rittenhouse family Ethan would have known. I suppose the reason will be that since the stash isn’t well organized the investigators simply haven’t found any mention yet.
  • There are plenty of questions about Emma. Was she a mole the whole time, even when she was stranded back in the Old West? Or was she recruited or coerced later?
  • The timeline has changed at least slightly with every trip the team has made (partially due to Flynn (and Wyatt) not giving a damn about collateral damage). Only whoever was in the Lifeboat and Mothership on those trips knows what changed from the earlier timelines. At this point we don’t even know for sure the show started in the same timeline we’re in. From Flynn’s last conversation with Lucy it’s clear he got the diary from a much older Lucy who is from the future but we don’t know what timeline that Lucy is from. Yet another mystery for potential future seasons.

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