Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Good news, everybody! Your favourite writers who survived the Great Culling are finally part of a union and will be treated like real-live humans. Fantastic!

One of the Union agreement details will offer better protections for freelancers — any full-time freelancers will need to be either fired or hired within a year. This may explain the Great Subsite Cull.

Mika McKinnon speaking at Night of Total Destruction 2 for the Science and Entertainment Exchange. Credit: Tiffany Loverd

Elsewhere in updates, Dennis of The Vane will be live on WeatherBrains tonight 9:30-11pm ET to rant about the weather (you know you miss it).

In Mika-news that I’m allowed to talk about, I headed to LA last week for the Science and Entertainment Exchange, sharing a stage with David Goyer and a pack of other scientists to gleefully hypothesize the most plausible manners of destroying the world at the Director’s Guide of America. Will the fruits of our labours result in science-inspired apocalypses in theaters near you? We can only hope. (Yes, there’s more movie-related things happening behind the scenes. No, I can’t tell you details for a good, long while.)

In signed-contracts news, I’ll be back at Dragon Con in Atlanta this September. Let me know if you’ll be there!

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