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As everyone knows, if you are friends with someone who is part of a group, there is no way you could ever discriminate against that group. Unfortunately sometimes it can be hard convincing someone to be your token to avoid being called hurtful things when you are a bigot to be your friend. But Orlando Jones, the Hero of Sleepy Hollow, is here to help!


White folks —

Tired of being called a racist every time you express your displeasure with the current administration over Obamacare (or the IRS scandal or Benghazi or the AP scandal or…reasons)

Don’t worry. We got you.

Black Tumblr in association with 7up (Quenching the Fandom’s Thirst) is proud to present:

Orlando Jones Is My 1 Black Friend

Just take one of the above photos, Photoshop your face in and “Voilà!” you are officially down with the struggle.

And if you actually snap a real photo of yourself with Mr. Jones the Possibilities. Are. Limitless.

Racism. Over.

PS - Your mileage may vary…especially if you’re an actual racist.

Via Orlando Jones Tumblr

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