First off, sorry for missing the last couple of weekends. Thanksgiving, a couple early Christmas get togethers, and a family medical issue have monopolized my time the last few weekends and I didn’t think I was going to be able to check in enough to do an Open Thread justice.

Now on to the actual topic. Earlier this week while shopping I heard it for the first time this year. The audible bane of my existence, the Christmas break song, “Last Christmas”. Also it had to be the Taylor Swift version. Why wouldn’t the queen of pop breakup songs not cover it?

I’m also not a fan of “All I Want For Christmas” mostly because like “Last Christmas” it seems to be always playing during the month of December.

What seasonal songs bring out your inner Scrooge and scream bah humbug? Got any other part of the season the bugs you? Want to talk about something else? Have at it in your Open Thread!