Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

While I was sleeping last night, someone responded to one of my posts to essentially say that he couldn't be bothered to read what I had written. I know this because he was making the exact same points in some of his posts on the same articles, yet here he is, disparaging me about the first sentence of mine. This drives me nuts. Disagree with me, ignore me, whatever, but, honestly, "TL;DR" drives me up the fucking wall. It bugs the hell out of me even when it's in response to other people with whom I disagree.


If you don't care about a post, that's fine. But don't parade the fact you find reading exhausting. And, more than anything, don't read the title of an article, and type at the bottom "TL;DR, but I think . . . ." It didn't happen in this case, but whenever I see that, I can rest assured that the person is about to say something that's already been in the article above.

Anyway, this post was going to be about how I wished I had been able to delete my first response to that guy, but Kinja didn't allow it. Because this dude's first response made me so angry, I responded rashly, without reading his comment history. I immediately regetted it, and wished I could delete it. It was the third post down in a comment that was toward the bottom, so I doubt anyone had read it yet, but that's not something Kinja is set up for, unfortunately. I should have just dismissed and been on my merry way, but now I'm stuck engaging with the guy, just because he hit one of my buttons.

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