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TMIT: Too Much Information Thrusday


We’re going deeper than usual today, thanks to Fondumentalist:

  • What is your first memory from childhood?

By this, I’m not asking what is the first memory which comes to mind, rather what do you consider as being the first long term memory you formed as a child.


Two followups questions...

  • Is the memory tied to a significant event or sensation or stimulus (sight sound, smell, taste, feel or emotional response).
  • If others present, is their recollection of events the same as yours?

Make that three...

  • Does hearing others describe their perception of the event color or change your memory of how things happened?

I don’t think I can point to a specific memory as being my earliest. I remember going camping in summer, playing in the neighborhood with my brothers and the other kids on the street, playing, going to school, etc. But it’s all kind of mashed together into a sort of overall impression of childhood.

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