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TMIT: Too Much Information Thursday

I think by now most of you have been introduced to at least two of the Cats of Hatrack (Catracks?) and I know I've seen pictures of Chrono's corgi, Ein. There must have been others but I'm not remembering with any confidence. Oh, and there's Bobby over on Groupthink. What about the rest of you? It's pet pageant day on TMIT!

First up is Winky Hatrack. You can easily tell how she got her name in this picture:


Next we have her twin sister SneakerTheWoot:

Finally, we have Powder, aka Princess Powder Puff, aka Black Powder (because every supervillain needs an alias or two):


Powder nominally acknowledges Mrs. Hatrack as her human but only on days determined by arcane rituals unknown to non-felines.

We also have Patch, "The World's Dumbest Spaniel," but I can't find any pictures of him.

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