Halloween Edition! What is your favorite absolutely true personal Halloween story?

The Hatracks have never really been into the scary side of Halloween, even when I was a wee little Hatrack so my story is more humorous and not spooky. Everybody at elementary school did dress up in costumes for the Halloween party, though.

One year (probably third grade?) I found one of my sisters' old dresses in a closet and a long wig. I had one of them do a light makeup job on me and cross-dressed my to school that day. At our school we had a music appreciation class once every other week with a teacher that traveled to several schools. She didn't see us often enough and had so many students that she never really knew who any of us were. That year we had music class on Halloween. On the way to class I told my classmates to act like I was a new girl at school and that the real me was absent. Either that woman was the greatest actor Toledo Public Schools has ever seen or I was because she never questioned the pack of lies we told her that day.