Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Last week we established that many of us celebrate in some way during this season. What do those celebrations involve? What family traditions do you maintain?

When I was a kid we would always spend one evening gathered around the kitchen table decorating cut-out Christmas cookies. The Dowager Hatrack would sit with a big bowl of icing and pass the cookies out to us to dump the sugar and sprinkles on them. We'd cover the table with newspaper to make clean up easier and by the end of the night the table would be covered with garishly colored Santas, poinsettias and snowmen. Of course, if a cookie broke you had to eat it! It was not a good night to be a spindly legged reindeer.


Going from being one of nine kids to the parent of one we've kind of let this tradition go since we get bored with sugar cookies long before they run out.

What we do still do is make the trip to the Toledo Zoo every year to see their Lights Before Christmas display. Mrs Hatrack and I started doing this back before she even was Mrs. Hatrack twenty-five years ago and the only time we missed was when we were living in Virginia. We'll be there on Saturday. I'll have pictures for everybody next week.

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