Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

TMIT: Too Much Information Thursday

So, I was teaching class yesterday and wanted to demonstrate how the online quiz I assigned works. The classroom computers have Internet Explorer set as the default browser. Guess what doesn't apparently work in Internet Explorer? So I had to download Chrome while I talked about some other stuff. Problem averted.

Which brings me to this week's questions. What browser(s) do you use? Do you use different ones in different places or on different computers? What about mobile browsers? (I know nothing about mobile browsers since I have neither tablet nor smartphone.) What influences your choice?


I use Chrome for everything since it works quickly and is so much better than IE. I really like that my bookmarks and settings carry across to everything I use: my Chromebook, the PC in the basement, the PC in my office at work... And now that I put it on the computer in my classroom if I felt brave enough to log in there I could do the same in class which would be really nice. I'm dubious of doing that though since it's a shared classroom and I have no idea who could access stuff if I forgot to log out or what personal info might turn up if I did.

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