We're going with a theme this month which was ultimately inspired by last night's Cards Against Humanity game but also owes a hat tip to all the music that's been on the O Deck lately, namely Corpsegoddess' Graveyard Shift, Ukulele Dan's Mixtape contests, and the 27 part series "From A to Z in the 80s" by Burtonian Institute. Specifically, the conversation during to CAH turned to music and concerts. We all started talking about what the first concerts we all went to were. That will be today's topic. Other concert related information will be gathered as the month progresses. So, what was the first concert you ever went to? (Elementary band concerts don't count.) Please include a video clip if you can find one. If you really want to kill people's productivity include a full concert video like I'm doing.

My first concert was Billy Joel during the Innocent Man tour. We had horrible seats, way up in the nosebleed section pretty much at a 90 degree angle from the stage, but I had been a fan of his all my life. "Piano Man" came out when I was six and it got a lot play on the AM station my mom listened to in the kitchen. About four years later it was the first album I ever bought. So, terrible seats and not his best album but it was still awesome.

The video is from the same tour but certainly not the performance I saw. That was in Lansing.