I experienced a new emotion the other day but I don't have a name for it. Maybe there's a word for it in German. Or Japanese. Probably Japanese. Have you ever had a moment where you felt a longing for something you didn't previously even know existed while simultaneously experiencing the ineffable sadness that you can never attain it? Or maybe you've got a story about some other complicated emotion you'd like to tell us about.

(The depth of this will probably only make sense if you know me well and have an appreciation of jazz. Mrs. Hatrack just wanted to give me a hug when I told her this little story.)

I've been watching the Ken Burns documentary series on jazz which I somehow missed for the last decade since it first aired. The narrator led into a new section with the statement "In 1954 Dave Brubeck was touring with Duke Ellington..." and my heart soared at the thought of the absolute perfection of that concert while simultaneously shrinking to a singularity knowing that I could never experience it.