End of Summer Wrap-Up Edition. The classes I'm taking started this week and the classes I'm teaching start next week, which means that Summer is officially over regardless of what the calendar says. How was your summer?

Mine was pretty good. The temperature topped 85F three times all summer so, while everybody I run into whines that "it hardly felt like summer at all," it was perfect weather-wise as far as I'm concerned. Last year was absolute hell with long spells of 90+ heat and humidity all summer long.

We took a short-ish trip to Atlanta which was fun. I think we had more fun driving there and back again than we actually did in the city. The aquarium was excellent, the zoo was meh, and despite a couple good suggestions from the Odeck and GT Atlanta didn't stack up well against other places we've eaten our way through in the past.

I survived the two grad classes I took this summer. Full coursework load/five week time frame. The class I wasn't looking forward to turned out to be quite excellent and the geometry class that I was looking forward to turned out to be horrible.


We dropped WinnieTheWoot off for her first year of college this week and after a rough initial 24 hours she's settling in nicely with her roommates and the whole away-from-home-for-the-first-time experience.