Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Happy New Year Edition. So, what do you have to be happy about as we roll into 2015?

Things are looking pretty good for the House of Hatrack. The move went smoothly. Hiring strong men to do the heavy lifting was definitely the right way to go especially since the couch didn't fit in the elevator and they had to carry it up the stairs to the sixth floor. We're mostly unpacked (the bookcases went up on on Tuesday, so we were able to clear out dozens of boxes) and we love the neighborhood. There's a nice public garden across the street which should be beautiful come spring and we're about 200 feet away from a couple different bus lines (one of which gives Mrs. Hatrack a 7 minute commute to work). We've got restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance and a nightly view of the sunset out the living room windows.


I know things didn't end so well the last time one of the great Houses moved to the capital from the North for a new job (and Winter is Coming!) but I really think this is going to work out nicely.

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