Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

TMIT: Too Much Information Thursday

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Have we done cars? I feel like we haven't done cars. WinnieTheWoot and I went to the auto show a couple days ago and saw one of these and wondered which one of the Top Gear guys owns one. I don't have enough kidneys to sell on the black market so I'll never own one (not that I actually would want to). What is your current car status?


Since moving to the big city I sold the Cobalt (good bye, you piece of shit). We don't need two cars anymore as Mrs. Hatrack rides the bus to work and I'm currently looking for a new job. So, no need for the expense of owning two cars. As it is, we rarely drive the Explorer anymore either since we don't have parking on-site at the apartment and finding a spot when we get back is a hassle. And unless all three of us go somewhere together and luck into a good deal for parking it's usually cheaper to take a bus and maybe the Metro. After filling up in the midst of the initial running around out to storage and shopping for things for the new place we have since filled the gas tank once since settling in. Compared to filling both cars on a weekly basis back in Michigan, this is (spare) change we can believe in.

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