What was your favorite meal as a kid? Do you still love it and eat it today as an adult or have you outgrown it? I ask because WinnieTheWoot and I took advantage of Mrs. Hatrack being out of town to have mine for dinner last night.

Growing up, my mom would make Sopa de Albondigas and Navajo Fry Bread. Not the version of the soup with giant hunks of veggies and a thin watery broth. This is a simple tomato soup seasoned with chili powder that you cook the meatballs in for an hour or two so that it gets incredibly rich and luscious. Then crispy/chewy fry bread drizzled with honey on the side. Oh my gods, it is fantastic. WtW and I absolutely love it but Mrs. H doesn’t like it. We have it 3-4 times a year when she has to go out of town to a conference or goes to some work event in the evening. This isn’t a picture of the batch I made last night but it looks pretty close, although my balls are beefy and not the porky (chickeny?) looking ones you see here.