Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Aww, he looks so lonely. You should go sit with him. Or maybe not. Maybe he likes eating alone. Maybe you like being alone. Screw it. You know what? If he wanted company he should have texted a friend. What do you like (or not like) doing alone?

Eating can go either way for me. If I’m home it’s certainly no big deal. I didn’t mind it in the breakroom at my old job because very few people ever went in there anyway, so it never seemed awkward. Fast food restaurants, also not a problem. Sit down restaurants feel a little weird simply because there’s nothing to do while I wait for my food. I should probably take a book with me on those rare occasions. I also don’t like going to the movies alone. Movie-going has always been a social event for me so I just feel out of sorts not having someone I can lean over and whisper to about what’s going on. It’s also nice to dissect the movie afterwards and you can’t do that if no one went with you.


When I was younger I loved going to stroll around a museum alone but as I’ve gotten older and rather attached to Mrs. Hatrack and WinnieTheWoot I find that I don’t care for that as much either. It’s so much more fun to share those experiences with people I love being with. I do still like browsing a good library on my own, though. Sadly, the closest branch right now is tiny and I only use it to pick up hold requests. I really should head down the other direction and see how the Georgetown branch compares. Or go all out and finally hit the main branch downtown.

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