I probably should have posted this a couple weeks ago so that I could have shamelessly mined you for free advice gathered important anecdata before making a selection but hindsight, etc, etc. What kind of cell phone do you have? What do love and/or hate about it? How desperately do you want to upgrade and how long do you have to wait if you do?

I got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a couple weeks ago and almost completely love it. The only problem is that it is just a little too big for my embarrassingly tiny hands to hold comfortably. A quarter to half an inch smaller would have been perfect. This thing is a serious upgrade from my old (first) smartphone which had the battery life of a mayfly and a puny 8 GB memory, most of which was eaten up by the OS. This baby goes all day and has a 32 GB memory plus I added a 32 GB microSD card for music. I’m sure there are all sorts of features I haven’t figured out yet but one thing I really like is the ability to use it as a notepad and the stylus that comes with it. I am not a speedy typer on cellphones so being able to jot down a to-do list or a quick shopping list by hand is like a gift from the gods.

This is the first in a series of cellphone related TMITs. Please save your discussions of apps for next week or we’ll have nothing to talk about then.