Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Sorry for the long delay getting back to doing these after the move. I meant to do it last week but forgot it was Thursday. But never fear, I am back to get you to reveal all your most important secrets. This week’s question was inspired by a post from Mobi Wan Kenobi on Monday about the new Jim Butcher novel. Which authors will you automatically read new books from without benefit of reviews/recommendations/synopses?


I will not hesitate to read the latest work from Nick Harkaway, William Gibson, Connie Willis, Jasper Fforde, Lisa Lutz and maybe a few others I’m not thinking of right now. I’m also eagerly awaiting getting my hands on Charlie Jane Anders’ first book. If it’s as good as her short fiction I’ll be adding her to this list.

I used to have Nancy Kress and Kate Wilhelm on this list but Kress’ last novel was a huge disappointment and Kate Wilhelm seems to have given up science fiction for lawyer/crime novels. Bleargh.

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