Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Everybody needs to have a secret code now and then, right? It’s how we keep other people from learning about our plans for world domination knowing what we’re talking about. What things do you say to your friends and family that mean something else entirely from what the rest of us might think they mean?

Ages ago there was a commercial that featured a little girl coming downstairs to head off to school (possibly the first day of kindergarten?) and her mom stops her at the bottom of the stairs and takes a stuffed bunny out of the girl’s bag.


Mom: I thought we agreed Becky Rabbit wasn’t going to school?

Girl: I told her but she never listens.

I have no clue what it was a commercial for so — utter fail of brand success.

But here’s the thing, Dr. Mrs. Hatrack doesn’t remember ever seeing it and I think it was on before WinnieTheWoot was born and yet, somehow, “Becky Rabbit” has become our family code for “you aren’t listening.”

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