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If you’re an American, Tax Day* is looming. If you’re not an American I have no idea how your taxes work. How do you do your taxes? Paper long form, tax program on the computer, hired professionals, hidden offshore accounts?

We’ve been using the H&R Block tax software for a number of years. It does all the side forms and byzantine calculations for you which really cuts down on the stress of filing taxes with one’s spouse plus it imports last year’s info which helps to speed up the process.


*Fun tax fact: US income taxes have a filing deadline of April 15 unless that date falls on a non-business day, federal holiday or holiday in the District of Columbia then it moves to the next business day. Tomorrow is Emancipation Day** in DC so the not-a-state with the slogan “Taxation without Representation” on their license plates is buying everybody an extra weekend to get their taxes done.

**Subtle hint to Simon-on-the-river3.

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