It’s Ren Faire Weekend for the House of Hatrack which means it’s time to break out the costumes and be historically inaccurate! What are your cosplay habits? If you had the skill to make (or the money to buy) any costume what would it be and where would you wear it? Who would be your ideal character doppelganger cosplay?

First, that is not a picture of the Hatracks. I don’t know how the people in those kinds of costumes don’t just dissolve into puddles of their own sweat in the summer heat. I’ve got three basic choices with some overlap of pieces and an optional twist on one. I’ve got one good puffy shirt that goes with all three: my kilt, my red pirate pants and the new dress hobbit ensemble that Dr. Mrs. Hatrack made for me with the fancy faux-silk waistcoat and linen pants. It being an election year I may decide to wear my kilt with my “Vote Saxon” t-shirt instead though. I’d really like to get some comfortable shoes that wouldn’t look out of place at the Ren Faire but with my short wide feet and orthotics that just isn’t happening.

Perfect doppelganger cosplay would be any character played by Toby Jones.

I’d need contacts for the Dream Lord.


And if you allow for a color change, I’ve already got the hat for Arnim Zola.