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This week we hand the questioning duties over to UnitedShoes: What is your most commonly used writing utensil? Pen, pencil, sharpened stick in the dirt? Whatever you’re scribbling and scrawling with let us know.

It’s a rainbow of inky goodness!

I mainly use Pilot G-2 0.7 mm gel pens in a variety of colors. One, they’re what’s supplied by the department but, two, they are really awesome pens for writing notes and problems on the document camera while teaching. The colors are also really rich and vibrant so you can actually tell them apart on the screen. I like to color code parts of problems so that it is easier for my students to see how everything fits together and follows through in the solution. I like them so much that I actually bought them myself at my previous school since they only supplied inferior pens.

For writing anything else (papers, lists, etc.) I use a computer. I can’t imagine writing any kind of manuscript by hand anymore.

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