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TMIT: Too Much Information Thursday

Today we’re going to get a little clinical, or more precisely, a little surgical. What’s the last surgery you had? Did you get a local or did they put you under? How did the recovery go?

I had a trigger finger release on Monday. It was my third, so no big deal. If you’ve never had surgery with a local anesthetic the thing they don’t tell you is that while you’ll feel no pain you WILL feel pressure and the various tugging around as they get at whatever they’re fixing. Which isn’t really a big deal on a minor hand operation like this but can be pretty disconcerting when you’re getting a vasectomy.


Recovery is going well. The lidocaine didn’t wear off until bedtime which is when my hand decided to let me know it wasn’t happy with my life choices and I had to take a pain pill to get to sleep. I took another half of one last night but I don’t think I’ll be needing anymore unless I do something stupid, like try to use my hand for anything more than keeping my wrist from looking stumpy. Maybe I should dip it in gold paint for the week.

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