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TMIT: Too Much Information Thursday

Do you want to play a game? What games do you like to play? Do you prefer board games or video games? What was the last game you played?

Other than Cards Against Humanity I haven’t played any games for a little while. We picked up a game called Man Bites Dog before we went on vacation last month and played that with the in-laws. Each player is dealt five cards with random words and phrases on them, you can draw up to five cards once, then you make a newspaper headline out of them and earn the points on the cards if it makes sense. It’s a lot of fun and probably even better if you’ve been drinking.


We also have a lot of other word games and a board game called Dread Pirate that we really enjoy. We recently bought Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and a three person cribbage board but haven’t learned how to play those yet. I used to play cribbage with my parents 30+ years ago but have almost completely forgotten the rules.

Personally I love Scrabble but nobody in the House of Hatrack will play with me so I just play that against my phone.

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